The VELION is the lastest created brand of Katanga which has more than 12 years of experience in the developments, production and sales of special bicycles. 

The development of the VELION started in 2021 under the working name VM45. For more information concerning the developments till summer 2023 read the updates


Experience after test-rides have led to some changes from the initial design. These are now under development: A racing type bucket seat to stabilize the driver in sharp turns, an hydraulic arm to open the cover, locks with keys, etc. A major change is to step away from an unique set-up with the VALEO Mid-drive unit as integrated gearbox/motor. Alternatives motors mounts are now developed and produced in combination with a Rohloff gearbox. Durability tests will be done with all alternative motors and only after being sure that the correct design is found, the homologation process for certification of the VELION in the L6e-A of the Eu regulation 168/2013 will start. This certification is needed to sell the VELION with e-assist till 45 km/h and with powerful motors exceeding 250 W nominal.

But before that, due to strong interest from the market, the VELION will be offered as a bicycle without a motor for DIYers who wish to mount themselves a motor. In a first phase the VELION will be able to receive a powerful Mid-drive motor. Power of legs and motor are both transferred to the rear axle. This is a simple, cheap and good solution for most terrains except for roads with steep and long descends as this motorisation does not allow regenerative braking. Also reverse drive is not possible with this solution. Sales of this type can start up in summer 2024 with an expected sales price 12 600 EUR (incl. 21% VAT, EXW, without motor and battery).

In a second phase, new front struts will be developed and tested, allowing the VELION to be equipped with hub motors and disc brakes in both front wheels. As such the VELION becomes a 4WD with only the human power transferred on the rear axle. This solution allows reverse drive and regenerative braking. Sales of this type can start up end of 2024 with an expected sales price of 12 900 EUR (incl. 21% VAT, EXW, without motor and battery).

Official orders will only be accepted when enough durability tests have proven that the VELION is trustworthy and robust. Till then it is possible to communicate your interest in purchasing the VELION and you will be contacted in time. Preference will be given to sell the first units to customers who have tested the VELION at our second assembly site at Campvelo where testing facilities are ideal. Contact us to plan a test!

The sales of a ready-to-go type approved version road-legal with e-assist till 45 km/h is a goal to reach in year 2025.

In next table the actual specifications with the VALEO Mid-Drive Unit (these will change slightly for the versions sold without motor and with Rohloff speed hub gearbox) :