Go green, ride lean !

Pedal in comfort and style! The VELION is a bio-hybrid quad designed for use with a powerful motor assisting till a speed of 45 km/h. This innovating vehicle fills the gap between electric assisted bicycles and small electric cars.

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Energy efficient

The low weight and aerodynamic form reduce the energy consumption by 10x compared to small electric cars. No energy for active heating needed. Strong and efficient LED lights. As a result, a small battery of 1,4 kWh offers 120 to 240 km range.


Compared to electric assisted bicycles you are less vulnerable. Extreme stability thanks to 4 suspended wheels limits risks from falling or crashing. A closed, self-supporting fairing made from tough aramid and strong carbon fibres, with crumple zones in all directions, limit injuries if something happens. The sitting position is on the same height as lower cars and visibility in traffic is much better than sportive velomobiles.


The closed fairing protects you from cold and rain. Stepping in and out is very easy. The load volume is enormous. The ergonomic seating position allows to travel without pain in the back, bum, neck and wrists. A powerful e-assist decreases the need to shower after every ride.


Pedalling keeps you moving and fit and the electric assistance avoids that this physical activity becomes a burden that stresses your body. No air-pollution.


Low energy needs, easily produced by a renewable source. Low resources needed to build and maintain. A long product-life and respect for the right to repair.